Something to Smile About!

Bullitt County elementary school students have something to smile about this month. Though smiles were hidden behind masks, they were learning how to take care of their teeth!  Just over 400 students, kindergarten through second grade, learned how to brush, choose healthy snacks and drink plenty of Louisville Pure Tap™ !  February is  National Children’s Dental Health Month and Louisville Water Company educators offered programming, in schools and to community organizations, throughout the service area.

The Cedar Grove and Lebanon Junction Elementary School students used puppets to practice their tooth brushing technique.  They were also introduced to “Mr. Gross Mouth”, an oversized set of yellowed, fake teeth, filled with cavities.   When trips to the dentist were discussed, Lebanon Junction second grader, Liam Wooley replied, “Sometimes kids don’t want to go to the dentist, but it’s not scary and it’s really good for your teeth!”

All students received a new Pure Tap™ bottle,  toothbrush and Smile Kentucky! booklet with games and puzzles reinforcing the “take care of your teeth” message.  Louisville Water created Smile Kentucky! in 2002. Bringing together health, dental, and business partners, the program works to improve children’s oral health.