In stressful times, an unpaid bill doesn’t need to leave you in a bind

Service disconnections resume for unpaid bills; take advantage of payment options

In early March 2020, due to the pandemic, Louisville Water suspended turn offs for non-payment. This was an important step as businesses closed and our community learned about the gravity of the virus.

For the past 15 months, Louisville Water has been proud to continue that effort, however, now as the area begins to reopen, regular business operations must also resume. As such, late fees will begin in May for bills that are not paid on time, and water service turn offs will resume in June when a customer fails to take any action on their outstanding balance.

In an effort to help customers who have not taken action, those in danger of disconnection will proactively be placed on a Louisville Water Default Payment Arrangement. This arrangement will allow customers to pay off their past-due debt interest-free over a 12-month period. Once placed on a Payment Arrangement, customers must pay their Payment Arrangement amount and stay current with the existing water and wastewater bill.

To also help customers who struggle to pay their bill, Louisville Water developed Drops of Kindness, a multi-faceted program that identifies opportunities for customers. Customers can sign-up for interest-free, customizable payment plans to pay off a balance over time, connect with a community agency for bill assistance, and for customers who qualify, there is a limited one-time credit for an outstanding balance. If you receive a turn off notice please visit Drops of Kindness to learn how we can help you avoid turn off of your water service.

“The last thing we want is to see a customer lose their water service,” said Megan Hancock, Director of Customer Service at Louisville Water. “We understand that this shift can be stressful for some, and we are doing everything we can to ensure that our customers have the right tools to pay down their balance in a way that works for them.”

During the pandemic, thousands of customers have already benefited from Drops of Kindness. The Metro COVID-19 Relief Funds provided $4 million in one-time credits, and the Louisville Water Foundation has added to the credits plus granted more than $500,000 to community agencies. Additionally, hundreds of customers have signed up for customizable payment plans.

The need for assistance still exists, and that’s why it’s important to continue the assistance while we resume business operations.

Neighbor Helping Neighbor

Neighbor Helping Neighbor is our newest Drops of Kindness effort. This is an avenue that gives the community a chance to help someone who struggles to pay their Louisville Water and MSD bill. Those who are moved to help can donate at or as you pay your Louisville Water bill online. Tax-deductible donations go to the Louisville Water Foundation and are marked for Drops of Kindness.

If you know someone struggling to pay their bills, please help us and share the Drops of Kindness information with them. A small act of kindness can make all the difference to those in need.