Jimmy Stone Memorial Locker Room opens for at-risk youth

December 20, 2019

A community foundation aimed at empowering at-risk youth has partnered with Louisville Water to honor the memory of an employee who died after a tragic crash last summer.

Hydrant crew member Jimmy Stone was killed while working at a job site. He and a fellow team member, Chad Harper, were hit by a car as they were repairing a hydrant at 23rd and Oak streets.

His widow Carla Stone, along with employees and Local 1683, have partnered with the Rajon Rondo Foundation Community Locker Room Project.

The project uses a behavior-based point system that allows middle-school students the chance to earn clothes, shoes, toys and other extracurricular incentives.

Jimmy Stone volunteered coaching youth sports and Carla said the project is a way to keep his memory alive.

“We were trying to figure out a worthy cause to attach Jimmy’s name to. When we found out about the Rajon Rondo Foundation and what their work is and how it provides a way for children to earn things that they would love to have, I thought it would make Jimmy very proud to know that he was a part of such a wonderful service,” Stone said.

Yvette Gentry is the executive director of the Rajon Rondo Foundation. Although there are several locker room projects around Louisville, the one in honor of Jimmy Stone is the first of its kind.

“We’re so happy that Mrs. Stone felt like we were worthy to have this collaboration. Her husband loved young people,” Gentry said. “She felt like there was no better way to give back {to the community} in his memory.”

In addition to receiving funds from the Rondo Foundation and Mrs. Stone, there were fundraisers held in Jimmy’s honor.

Local 1683 President Adam Carter spearheaded a golf scramble to support the cause.

“Quite a few employees participated in fundraising. The employees were very supportive of this and Jimmy Stone’s family is very supportive of this. It’s a great thing for all of us to cherish and know that we’re doing it in honor of Jimmy,” Carter said.