Louisville Water, partners save over 2.6 million plastic bottles from landfill

This Earth Day, Louisville Water Company is proud to announce a milestone in sustainability efforts. Through bottle-refill stations around the city, the community has saved 2.6 million plastic bottles from the landfill.

Louisville Water launched its first partnership for bottle-refill stations in 2015 at the University of Louisville.

Since then, new partnerships have resulted in more than 75 hydration stations with a message about Louisville Water’s award-winning drinking water, branded Louisville pure tap®, at popular locations throughout the metro.

“Having touchless bottle filling stations where the campus community can conveniently fill up on Louisville pure tap® for free has been a blessing in our efforts to save money and reduce plastic waste, especially during pandemic times,” said Justin Mog, Assistant to the Provost for Sustainability Initiatives at the University of Louisville. “Sustainability is all about tapping more into our local resources and Louisville pure tap® will always be at the heart of that.”

Eliminating the use of single-use plastic is important for our planet. Less than 30 percent of single-use plastic bottles are successfully recycled, and it can take over 450 years for a plastic bottle to breakdown in a landfill. In fact, most discarded plastic bottles end up in waterways, eventually making their way to oceans. The volume of plastic materials in the ocean is projected to exceed that of fish by 2050.

“This is an incredible win for our community and for the generations of Louisvillians to come,” said Spencer Bruce, President & CEO of Louisville Water. “Through our creative relationships with partners across this community, we’re able to highlight Louisville Water’s investment and focus in giving everyone access to high-quality drinking water.”

Since the launch, residents filled up their reusable bottles millions of times at the University of Louisville, Muhammad Ali International Airport, Kentucky International Convention Center, Frazier History Museum, Waterfront Botanical Gardens, Logan Street Market, Louisville Urban League, Norton Healthcare Sports and Learning Complex, Kentucky Derby Museum, Louisville Zoo, Lynn Family Stadium, Louisville area YMCAs, Paristown Hall, and Louisville Water Tower Park. The University of Louisville’s bottle-refill stations lead the pack, with over one million bottles saved at various stations across campus.

Touchless bottle-refill stations have become more important than ever over the past year, allowing customers a way to fill up and stay hydrated safely during the pandemic. Louisville Water customers are eligible to receive two complimentary reusable water bottles every year to help stay hydrated sustainably. Visit www.louisvillewater.com/get-pure-tap/bottles for information on how to receive the bottles.