Passionate About Louisville Pure Tap®

Autumn Gibson is Louisville Water’s Supervisor of Water Quality and Compliance. She started out as an intern while studying at the University of Louisville in 2014.

Gibson was recently featured by the American Water Works Association highlighting water professionals during Drinkng Water Week. Each year during the second week of May, the AWWA raises awareness about the importance of clean and safe drinking water.

Lab tech at Louisville Water

“As the supervisor of water quality, my role is multifaceted. I’m responsible for overseeing some of our certified labs that test the water hundreds of times a day throughout the entire treatment process,” Gibson said.

Many times, having access to clean and safe water is often taken for granted. Gibson says she is passionate about changing that.

“I would love for the public to understand how much that those of us that work in this industry understand the responsibility that we have of providing our community with safe drinking water. It’s not something that we take very lightly,” she said.

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