Congressman McGarvey Takes a Tour

Congressman McGarvey at Louisville Water Tower“Oh yes, we do have great water,” said Congressman Morgan McGarvey (D) as he and two members of his staff recently toured Louisville Water facilities, including the Crescent Hill Reservoir and Gatehouse, Crescent Hill Water Treatment Plant, and Louisville Water Tower. The representative learned about our history and current operations as well as such issues as stewardship of our water resources and our continuous efforts to provide the highest quality water.

Congressman McGarvey at GateHouseIt was the first time he had been inside the Gatehouse. His reaction? “Wow. The care and foresight to build structures like the Gatehouse and the Water Tower are magnificent and something you really don’t see today.”

He also was quick to point out the value of Louisville’s drinking water. “We are lucky to have such great water,” McGarvey said. “It’s important we protect it.

Congressman McGarvey at Crescent Hill
Louisville Water Consultant Vince Guenthner presents an employee-crafted clock to the congressman.

Louisville Water leaders gave the congressman Pure Tap bottles and a few historical items to display in his local and Washington, D.C. offices. He also received a clock crafted from a water meter lid by Tim Meyer, a Louisville Water Cross Connection Specialist whose father served as a state senator from 1978 to 1994.