Pure tap connection with TEN20 Brewery

The Butchertown address of 1020 E. Washington Street is the home of TEN20 Brewery, one of a growing list of new additions to Louisville’s craft beer scene. Through beer production, cleaning, and drinking, brewers use a lot of water – and we are thrilled to have TEN20 as our newest Purely Local partner! Head brewer Larry Horowitz is a big fan of Louisville pure tap®.

A veteran of the industry, Horowitz has lived and worked all over the country, and he knows just how vital a quality water source is to creating excellent beer.

Water plays a role in nearly every stage of the brewing process. It takes approximately 10 gallons of water to make one gallon of beer, and beer in its final stage is about 95 percent water. Horowitz even talks about Louisville Water as part of the TEN20 brewery tour.

“It’s important for people to know how good the water is here, and how vital that is for brewing,” said Horowitz.

TEN20 operates a 20-barrel system with the capacity for up to 24 taps. The brewery offers a mix of flagship staples and seasonal rotations, and plans to branch out into non-alcoholic options like sodas and wellness items in the future – all made with award-winning pure tap.

But the owners of TEN20 also want to share a larger mission. Set in a historic industrial space, TEN20 provides abundant indoor and outdoor seating (with plenty of space for social distancing) as well as an event space and several soon-to-be resident food vendors. The owners see it as more than just a place to connect with friends or celebrate a win by the neighboring LouCity FC team. TEN20 hopes to provide a platform for neighbors and communities to join together for discussion, involvement, and positive change in the community. The brewery motto, “bringing people together for good,” is displayed on the taproom wall, t-shirts and other merchandise.

“We want to be good members of the community that helps us exist,” added Horowitz. “So, our plan is to find ways to give back, not just monetarily but also use of space and public forums.”

TEN20 also aligns with Louisville Water’s passion for promoting sustainability in our community. Horowitz is a board member of the National Brewer’s Association, where he co-chairs a technical committee focused on establishing best practices for all parts of the brewing process, including sustainability.

TEN20 does not have plans to distribute – the beer is made and served here, using local resources that lower the operation’s carbon footprint. They are also committed to serving pure tap and have their own reusable bike bottle for sale to help limit single-use plastics. Knowing pure tap’s value to the community is just another reason why TEN20 is a natural fit for our Purely Local program.

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