An Unexpected Leak = Unexpected Costs

water leakDid you know that a leak in your pipes just one-eighth of an inch in size would result in nearly 100,000 gallons of water wasted in just one month? All that unused water will add up fast on your bill.

Now, it’s easy to give yourself one less cost to worry about. WaterPro Water Leak Protection PlanSM, from Louisville Water, is here to provide peace of mind and guard your wallet when you have a leak. While the average leak costs about $500 in wasted water, WaterProSM can protect your household with up to $3,000 in coverage… for just $3 per month added to your Louisville Water bill for your convenience.

Using WaterProSM is simple, too. Our website, will walk you through the quick enrollment process and how to submit a claim. Once your claim for a qualifying leak is approved, WaterPro credits the funds directly to your Louisville Water account.

Hopefully you don’t experience a leak, but they are quite common – about 45,000 customers per year call our customer service center with leak concerns in an average year. So, it’s important to know your typical water usage so you can compare bills and look for unusual increases in water consumption. If you see an unexpected increase, you could have a leak.

How do you find a leak? Here are some places to start:

  • Try a dye test in your toilets
  • Check showers for cracks or loose tiles
  • Inspect your water heater
  • Check your yard for unusually damp spots
  • Look for water damage on floors, ceilings and at the back of cabinets and crawl spaces

Don’t pay for water you didn’t use. Visit today to take steps to protect your home and your wallet.