Bourbon’s ‘best friend’ coming to Kentucky Bourbon Festival

Bourbon glassesWhat do you think of when you think of Bardstown? Bourbon! And what do you need to make bourbon? Lots of high-quality and great-tasting water!

From September 16-19, Bardstown is hosting the Kentucky Bourbon Festival, and Louisville Water Company is setting up shop there to make sure bourbon aficionados get to try some of the best water around, too.

Louisville Water is filling up coolers with the company’s tap water, branded Louisville Pure Tap™, and bringing it to Bardstown so festival goers can sip the award-winning water in between sampling different bourbons.

Louisville Water will provide water at the Opening Night event on Thursday in addition to the VIP Penthouse and VIP Deck throughout the festival weekend.

Water is a critical component to the bourbon experience as it’s needed from the start of the distilling process to the last sip consumers take from a glass. There are more than a dozen distilleries in Louisville Water’s service area.

Local distillers rely on the company’s scientists for  their close monitoring of iron and other elements that can cause bitterness. In addition, water is also the only ingredient that can be added to the bourbon once it leaves the barrel and goes into the bottle, so in that way Louisville Water is enjoyed by millions worldwide.

Water is also an important part of bourbon tasting. When enjoying bourbon, water is often added as drops or as ice to bring out certain flavors. Water, particularly our very own Pure Tap, is definitely bourbon’s best friend!