Customer Service team gets a thousand thanks for Metro COVID-19 Relief

One month after its launch, the Metro COVID-19 Relief program has eased the burden of past-due water bills for thousands of Louisville Water and Louisville MSD customers.

The one-time credit of up to $500 for Jefferson County residents was sparked by a $4 million donation from Louisville Metro to help pay down the bills of customers impacted by the pandemic.

According to Louisville Water customer service managers, the average eligible customer received a credit of $387.

“It’s nice to know that we’re able to help,” said Customer Service Director Megan Hancock. “Hearing the positive feedback from customers is great!”

For the customer service representatives who determine customers’ eligibility for the program, applying the funds to the past-due accounts is emotionally rewarding.

“One customer almost cried after receiving the credit–she was so happy,” said Denisha Yelder. “I had to hold back my own tears.”

Connie Riffe said some customers are unaware of the program until they call to pay their bill.

“I love the (customers) that do not realize they are eligible and then we sock it to them like a surprise,” Riffe said.

Many customers wrote heartwarming, thankful testimonies after receiving the credit applied to their accounts.

“Thank you Louisville Water for helping everyone in this time of need and uncertainty. After losing my job, things were looking pretty bad until now,” one customer wrote.

Another customer said the application process was simple and greatly appreciated.

“Applying for the COVID-19 relief was quick and easy. We have been one payment behind on our water bill since May 2020. Thanks to the (program), we finally have a zero balance,” said another customer.

Metro COVID-19 Relief funds are still available. Click here to check your eligibility.