Employee Profile: Almania Woodard

It’s funny how life has a way of working out. As a little girl, Almania Woodard dreamed of growing up to be a middle school teacher. She never imagined working for Louisville Water.

“I never thought I would, but the funny thing is my mom worked for a phone company. My sister worked for LG&E and then I ended up at the water company. So it’s almost like family tradition to work at a utility.”

In August, Almania will celebrate 22 years with the company. She started as a customer service representative in the corporate office. She worked her way up to cashier, then billing in metering services at the Allmond Avenue Distribution Center, and from there, is now a Metering Services Field Specialist.

You might’ve talked to her on the phone a time or two.

“I answer lots of phone calls from CSRs, meter maintenance, supervisors, managers in metering services, call center reps and cashiers.” Woodard says one of the biggest perks is there is always something to do. “It keeps me focused and busy all day so the day just goes by really quickly.”

When she’s not working, she enjoys watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! in addition to tending to her house plants and flowers. She loves creating flower arrangements. She’s even been paid for her talents. Another talent, singing, although she doesn’t do it quite as often as she used to.

Woodard says many people might not know, “In 2018, one of my vocal chords collapsed. So that’s why I stopped singing. Although I can still sing, but not as well.”

She was working when she suffered the health scare. She lost her voice, and it was difficult to breathe and talk. Since then, her vocal chord has partially healed itself. “It’s kind of a miracle cause the doctor every time, he says ‘I don’t know how you’re still speaking normal.’ Like my voice hasn’t changed much. Every now and then, it gets raspy.”

It certainly hasn’t stopped her friendly voice from greeting you on the other end of the phone.