Employee Profile: Jacob Clark, Engineer

Employee Profile Jacob ClarkWorked at Louisville Water since 2020

“Engineering is something that has always interested me due to being around construction worksites most of my life,” shared Louisville Water Engineer Jacob Clark.

Clark’s career with Louisville Water actually started while he was studying at the University of Louisville as a co-op position. Upon graduating in 2020, he moved up into a full-time role.

Clark’s current project has kept him quite busy for the last year or so. You’ve likely heard about it or might have even driven past it- the Louisville Water Tower restoration.

The Tower is steeped in history. In fact, it is the oldest standing ornamental water tower in the country. Work began last summer on the Tower and the original Pumping Station No. 1 which houses the WaterWorks Museum and hosts various events and celebrations.

Jacob Clark at LWT restoration

That’s not something lost on Clark.

“It is rewarding to be a part of a project that you can feel has meaning to the community.”

As you can imagine, restoring the 185-foot-tall National Historic Landmark and preserving the sweeping architecture is not a small feat.

“My favorite part has been managing a project that is completely different than a typical project,” Clark said. “This has helped me grow by teaching me how to handle any situation that comes up when managing a project.”

Jacob Clark at LWT restoration

Being able to see the transformation of this project up close in real time, you can bet that Clark isn’t the only one excited about the grand reopening in 2024.

For now, he will focus on the work ahead to get us to that special day.

When he’s not working, Clark enjoys farming, golfing, and watching sports.