Foundation awards grants

Louisville Water Foundation approved three more grants at their latest quarterly meeting.

The Waterfront Botanical Gardens (WBG) will be awarded $25,000 to support construction of water features as well as the purchase and installation of two bottle fill stations and water fountains.

WBG has plans for a water wall that will be part of their edible garden as well as a concrete reflecting pool with stone walls and an elevated stainless steel trough in the middle that discharges water back into the pool.

The Foundation also will grant $2,000 to Fern Creek High School to assist them with the design, preparation, and installation of a rain and butterfly garden near a storm drain.

The students are researching the impact of urban runoff and hopes this will serve as a model for green infrastructure improvements they can do on campus. It would also be a part of a new wheelchair accessible outdoor classroom.

Fund for the Arts asked the Foundation for $40,000 to continue and expand the Water Tower Form and Function program, which teaches students about Louisville Water history and let’s them design their own water tower (as shown in the photo on this page). The success of the program has increased the demand for programming at more schools. The additional funding will enable the program to serve approximately 12 schools in Jefferson and surrounding counties.