From Learning to Teaching Clean Hands Up!

It’s a full-circle moment for some Bellarmine University nursing students. In September, Louisville Water Community Relations Specialist Barbara Crow delivered her Clean Hands Up! lesson just as she would to elementary students. Her approach illustrated how they could easily show little ones the proper way to wash their hands.

Bellarmine Students teaching clean hands

Two months later, the future healthcare workers used what they learned and put their teaching skills to the test at various schools. Louisville Water had a front row seat at St. Bernard in Ms. Fitzhugh’s kindergarten class.

“This is our first time (teaching),” said Kassidy Price, a Bellarmine senior and nursing major. “They’re loving it, raising their hands, very interactive.”

Clean Hands demostrationPrice’s classmates put glow-in-the-dark lotion onto the children’s little hands as pretend germs. Once they lathered up, the kids headed to the bathroom sinks to use soap and water. Then came the moment of truth. A blacklight showed the kindergarteners where they might need to scrub a little harder.

The group recited a short song of sorts to point out specific parts of the hand where germs can cling.

Price said, “It really helps with the kids because they can interact with you. It brings more attention and focus to the handwashing.”

A few of the children proudly volunteered to lead the class in repeating the routine. Practice makes perfect and Ms. Fitzhugh appreciates all the help she can get to maintain a healthy classroom!

“Germs spread like crazy in this environment,” she said. “They share supplies and they’re in close proximity all the time, so hopefully them handwashing properly will reduce the amount of sickness we have in school.”

Message about keeping clean hands at St. BernardIn case they need a friendly reminder, the Catholic school has a message painted on the wall outside the bathroom.

Bellarmine University will host a resource fair next week for area high school students interested in the healthcare field. Louisville Water will participate and share the importance of handwashing.

National Handwashing Awareness Week kicks off on December 4. Louisville Water’s Education and Outreach team will visit several schools and organizations to spread the message!