From the River to the Faucet

The weekend included learning outside the classroom for one group of students in the YMCA Black Achievers program.

Black achievers 2024“It’s a program that introduces kids to various careers and exposes them to people that look like them in these professions,” explained Lawanda Page, a senior global community relations specialist for Brown-Forman Corporation.

Page is a former Black Achiever herself and now serves on the program’s board. She helped chaperone a field trip, taking the students on a river to faucet tour.


Seventh grader Layden Brents said, “I learned the process of how we get clean water. It was very interesting. I didn’t think this much work goes into it.”

black achievers 2023Louisville Water Director of Production Operations Larry Bryant led the tour, beginning at Louisville Water Tower. The students learned about the history of Louisville Water, walked above the Ohio River, and toured inside the pumping stations. Bryant said field trips like this are important to show kids while they’re thinking about their future.

“Get them (younger generation) a little bit of an appreciation for what we do and maybe pique their interest in the science or technology fields.”

Page added, “All kids may not necessarily see college as their path, so we started working with the skill trade cluster.”

The demand for skilled trade workers is visibly in high demand. It’s just one of the career opportunities at Louisville Water.

“A wide variety of fields, positions, and skillsets that go into it,” Bryant said. “I never considered working in the water industry when I was in the engineering field.”

But 20 years later, Bryant has made a career of it.

Jerry Logan with black achieversDistribution Water Quality Specialist Jerry Logan shared his story of how he landed at Louisville Water. He encouraged the students to work hard for their dreams and ignore the doubters.

“I’ve heard ‘no you can’t, you shouldn’t, you’re too old’. I’ve heard all the why I shouldn’t do it.”

But Logan did do it. He managed through dyslexia and became the first college graduate in his family, earning his master’s degree in engineering.

Page said stories like Logan’s and others they get to hear through the Black Achievers curriculum are a life lesson. Representation matters.

“The kids saw you (talking to Jerry),” she said. That reinforces the message: “If I see it, I can be it.”

The field trip included a stop at the Crescent Hill Reservoir and Gatehouse before ending at the Crescent Hill Water Treatment Plant.

Kids at black achievers 2024

We’re proud to say we might have a few more Louisville Pure Tap® ambassadors.

“It’s really good and refreshing. I drink tap water on the regular. I drink probably a half gallon a day,” Brents said.

Cheers to that!