Honoring Employees’ Years of Service

Service Awards-2023

More than 100 employees were recognized recently for their years of service to Louisville Water. The event, at Louisville Water Tower, was the first big employee event at the facility since major renovations began in 2022.

“For many, working at Louisville Water is a source of pride,” said Vice President Kelley Dearing-Smith, who emceed the event. “You may think of Louisville Water as a utility, but we’re really a public health provider – our water is the vessel that improves and protects public health.

“Plus, how many people get to say the work for a company that has a literal connection to every home, business, and fun place in Louisville, a place that has the only trademarked tap water in the United States, and a place with the oldest standing water tower of its kind in the United States.”

Service Awards-2023

The employees were honored for reaching 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 years of service in 2023. Gifts for these employees included leather coasters and cups embossed with the Louisville Water logo as well as backpacks, Louisville Stoneware mugs, and, for those who’ve been with company 25 years, actual meter lids that Cross Connection Specialist Tim Meyer had crafted into clocks.

Lead Warehouser Keith Barnett was honored for 25 years of service, but he already had a Louisville Water clock, so he traded the one he received at the ceremony for a mug.

“Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and today was an opportunity for Louisville Water to show it,” he said.

Barnett has worked a range of jobs during his two and half decades with the company. He said one of the things he likes best about his current position is the chance to use his problem-solving skills every day. (See this profile of Barnett for more about his job as Lead Warehouser.)

Service Awards-2023Claims Supervisor Greg Thielmeier, who was honored for 15 years with the company, said, “This is the longest I’ve worked anywhere. I learned the most after I started from those that were seasoned veterans at Louisville Water. Their willingness to teach me about processes and institutional knowledge made it easier for me to handle claims.”

“I’m not big on being recognized for doing what I was hired to do,” he added. “My dad taught me to work hard, work with others, and learn from others.” Still, he said, “It was nice to be recognized for my years of service.”

The 2023 service awards were presented this year because the renovations made the Tower unavailable for a ceremony last year. The 2024 service awards will be presented later this year.