Hydrating runners and cyclists through sun, rain or snow!

Not rain or snow could stop Louisville Water’s ‘Race Crew’ these last few months. They have been hard at work readying the roads and setting up water stops for five different races all across the city.

Approximately 10 days before any race, the team takes a look at the race route to determine whether any Louisville Water maintenance or repair work is taking place along it. If so, they ensure the work is completed prior to the event.

The day of the race, the crew will start in the early morning hours to set up all the water stops needed for the race. For the April 28 KDF Marathon/miniMarathon, there were 15 stops to set up including the one Louisville Water hosted in front of the 2nd Street YMCA.

Overall, Louisville Water crews set up more than 30 water stations for the races, and more than 350,000 compostable cups were used.

Thank you to the crew, including Paul Brannon, Chris Meeks, Jerry Palin, Toni Estes, Craig Wyatt, Paul Stallings, Mo Brown, Everett McCarty and Shawn Shaw, and all the volunteers for all their hard work at the KDF Marathon/miniMarathon, the KDF Tour de Lou, the Papa John’s Ten Miler, the Anthem 5K, and the Rodes City Run this season!