It’s official! Kentucky has the best tap water

drinking waterWhile Louisville Water customers already know it’s true, CNBC recently released a report to a national audience declaring Kentucky’s tap water the best in the country. The results come from J.D. Power data that assessed feedback from water utility customers about their experiences in six areas: quality and reliability; price; conservation; billing and payment; communications; and customer service.

“It’s an honor to be included in the utilities that earned Kentucky the number one ranking for best tap water in the country,” said Louisville Water President & CEO Spencer Bruce. “Louisville Water employees are dedicated to delivering safe, high-quality drinking water to nearly a million people every day. I’m extremely proud of their commitment to public health and the work they do to help this region grow and prosper.”

The CNBC report is generating a lot of buzz for Louisville Water, including local news broadcasts and social media posts. For example, Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg tweeted, “Congratulations to @Louisvillewater for helping Kentucky land the top spot in @CNBC’s ranking of the best tap water in the US!”

water laboratory techLouisville Water’s team-based approach to maintaining outstanding water quality involves daily testing, adapting treatment to changing source water conditions, and taking every complaint and concern from customers seriously. For the second year in a row, the team accomplished its goal of maintaining fewer than two water quality complaints per every 10,000 customers for a total of just 74 in 2022.

Louisville Water is also dedicated to maintaining the infrastructure that delivers our water — more than 4,200 miles of pipes throughout our service area. The programs we’ve implemented to assess, repair, and expand this infrastructure are considered best-practices by others in the water industry.

Louisville Water works to keep customers informed about infrastructure investments and our commitments to water quality and customer service not only through newsletters, social media, and other communication channels but also through a community education and outreach program that involves visiting more than 100 schools and talking with thousands of customers every year at community events.

The J.D. Power report noted that we are so proud of our water quality that we trademarked our tap water as Louisville Pure Tap®, which is something many other water utilities “would not dare to attempt.”