Keeping cool with Pure Tap

Keeping cool with Pure Tap

As temperatures rise this week, here is a good way to keep your water and other things cold while you are on the go. Remember to stay hydrated to beat the heat. Louisville Pure Tap™ can help you pack smartly and keep you hydrated along the way!

Step 1: Fill!

Fill any reusable bottle ¾ full with Pure Tap. It is important to leave a little room at the top of the bottle for the water to expand when it freezes.

Don’t have a reusable bottle? Louisville Water customers can get two complimentary Pure Tap bottles a year. Click here to get yours!

Step 2: Freeze!

Place filled bottles in the freezer overnight. (Expert tip: keep a few bottles in your freezer year-round for last minute getaways!)

Step 3: Chill!

Use the frozen bottles as ice packs in your cooler, helping to keep other beverages and perishable items chilled.

Step 4: Hydrate!

When the bottles melt, enjoy great-tasting Pure Tap, wherever you are!