Keeping your water safe

You may have seen media reports about a cyberattack on the water utility in Oldsmar, Florida and wondered how we protect your water.

Louisville Water Company has developed multiple layers of protection to prepare for the possibility of cyberattacks as well as natural disasters and physical attacks on our water supply or our operations.

We are prepared for crisis scenarios and perform risk assessments as a precaution for a multitude of situations, including someone maliciously trying to contaminate our water, trouble with an operating system, or spills on the Ohio River. We also have a dedicated team of employees focused on cybersecurity, and while we obviously can’t make detailed information publicly available, be assured that Louisville Water has strict controls on remote access to our systems.

We also have developed multiple levels of redundancy throughout our operations. If something goes wrong, we have back-up plans.

Every Louisville Water employee is dedicated to the safety of our product and our role in maintaining public health.