Learning the Science of Louisville Pure Tap®

Student at Grace James academy

Only a few weeks into the new school year, Grace James Academy sixth graders dove into a hands-on lesson about some of the science behind Louisville Pure Tap®!

Using jars of rocks, sand, and dirt, Louisville Water Community Relations Specialist Barbara Crow taught students how weather and erosion affect the quality of the Ohio River, the source of Louisville’s high-quality drinking water.

Last week’s lesson was perfect timing as Louisville Water wrapped up August, National Water Quality Month. It also fit well into the all-girl school’s STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) curriculum.

Students learned how Louisville Water cleans and continuously tests the water to deliver it to homes, schools, and businesses. Safe, clean drinking water is one of the foundations for a thriving community.

Louisville Water is proud to share that its water quality team includes several female scientists.

“The lesson was very engaging and relevant to our sixth-grade curriculum. School-community partnerships are important for shaping the future of Louisville and shaping the future of our very own Grace James Steminists!” said science teacher, Deirdre Johnson.

Students at Grace James academyCrow sent each student home with a Pure Tap reusable bottle, a sticker, a copy of Louisville Water’s Annual Water Quality Report, and a note to parents about the lesson.

“My daughter has an interest in chemistry. It was really exciting to hear her tell me about Louisville Water visiting her classroom,” Aron Pryor shared. “When she brought home the Water Quality Report, we were able to read about how clean the water is that we enjoy from the tap daily.”

Crow was thrilled to hear that.

“We’re trying really hard to extend our reach by providing information to parents. It’s good to know that at least one message made its way home,” she said.

Louisville Water educators plan to visit the Grace James GEMS (Girls Excelling in Math and Science) again throughout the year.