Louisville pure tap® bottles hot item at KYCOLD event

Louisville pure tap®  made a big impression on hundreds of professionals and students from around the state at the annual Kentucky Conference on Leadership and Diversity (KYCOLD).

The conference, in its 33rd year, was held Sept. 18 and Sept. 19 at the Kentucky International Convention Center, a Louisville pure tap®  partner where visitors can find unique bottle-filling stations throughout the venue.

In an effort to promote sustainability and healthy hydration among conference attendees, KYCOLD organizers reached out to Louisville Water to help them “fill, drink, repeat” using Louisville pure tap®  bottles.

Katherine Kington North, executive director of public affairs at the Kentucky Personnel Cabinet, said the bottles were a hot commodity during the two-day event.

“More than 800 attendees were able to make an impact as we actively engaged in sustainable practices using the Louisville Water refill stations and water bottles in the convention center,” Kington North said.

To request Louisville pure tap®  bottles for your upcoming event at the convention center, tap here.