Louisville Water helps with Broadway sewer collapse

Crews from Louisville Water Company are working with Louisville MSD crews as they repair the 152-year-old brick sewer line that caved in on East Broadway at South Preston Street. This line primarily carries storm water.

Five lanes of Broadway were closed around 5 p.m. on July 22. The bricks that form the sewer line fell apart at a joint where another repair was made in 1989. Small breaks in the joint, together with heavy rain, caused a large open space under the pavement. The void is about 10-feet by 15-feet wide and 8-feet deep.

Besides the sewer line, there are two water mains in the collapsed area — a 16-inch and a 30-inch main. These pipes were not damaged, but Louisville Water has worked to ensure that water service to customers is uninterrupted and that the area is fully prepared for MSD to make repairs.

“Louisville Water mobilized over the weekend to shut down the 30- and 16-inch water mains in the area of the collapse,” said Director of Engineering Jim Grunow. “Preliminary plans are to remove a section of the 16-inch water main, allow MSD to make the sewer line repairs and then replace the main. The 30-inch water main will be supported during repair activities. We do not anticipate a loss of water for anyone during this project.”