Louisville Water Proudly Provides Exceptional Drinking Water

Louisville Water Releases its Annual Water Quality Report

image of Louisville Water lab technicianEvery day, Louisville Water Company produces some of the highest-quality drinking water in the United States. Louisville Pure Tap® gets high marks for quality, taste, and value in Louisville Water’s 2022 Annual Water Quality Report.

The report highlights Louisville Water’s 2022 test results for Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-regulated substances at treatment plants, within the distribution system, and at select customers’ taps. The report also outlines our treatment process, the sources of the drinking water, the value of Louisville Pure Tap, and more.

“The community can trust Louisville Water to produce and deliver high-quality drinking water. It’s important to be informed about your water quality,” said Kelley Dearing Smith, Vice President of Communications and Marketing for Louisville Water. “This report highlights the work our scientists do every day in their commitment to public health and protecting your drinking water.”

The EPA requires community water systems to deliver a report by July 1 that provides information about the drinking water they produce. View the full 2022 Annual Water Quality Report to see how Louisville Water met the strict health requirements established by the EPA.