Louisville Water’s Proactive Approach to Protecting your Water

image of Louisville Water lab technicianA study released by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) on Wednesday is prompting renewed questions about PFAS, specifically in drinking water.

Louisville Water wants to assure you that our core mission is protecting public health. The quality of the community’s drinking water is our top priority. Therefore, we take all necessary steps to ensure high-quality, safe drinking water.

Louisville Water’s most recent monitoring shows that the levels of PFAS we see in the Ohio River and in our finished drinking water are below the proposed EPA regulations.

Lab tech checking water samples

So what are PFAS and where can you find them? PFAS are long-lasting, manufactured chemicals. They’re found in food packaging, Teflon pans, firefighting foam, water repellent clothing, as well as the air and in lakes and rivers. The EPA says only a small percentage of our exposure to PFAS chemicals comes from drinking water, but there’s a lot of focus on water because we drink it.

Our scientists have done research and monitoring for several years. We continue to do that in addition to researching the best options to improve our treatment strategies.

While we do not know for certain the USGS study included Louisville data, you can see the results of our research on LouisvilleWater.com.

Bottom line: your drinking water is high-quality and meets the regulations required for safe water.