Providing critical support to community ministries

Through the Louisville Water Foundation, Louisville Water Company and MSD strive to improve the health and well-being of communities around the world — and in our own backyard. An important part of the foundation’s local work is supporting community ministries that, in turn, help improve the lives of local families and individuals.

At a recent foundation meeting, Marlon Cummings, Executive Director of Jeffersontown Area Ministries, spoke about the “great partnership” between the foundation and local organizations — a partnership that has provided vital assistance to many people in times of need.

Cummings is also Treasurer of the Board of Directors of the Association of Community Ministries, which comprises 15 independent ministries providing services to low-income people in the Louisville area. He noted that Louisville Water has supported local ministries since 2010, and it has continued to provide significant funding through the foundation since it formed in 2013 to consolidate charitable and philanthropic efforts.

Foundation funding for struggling families and individuals is designated for water and sewer bill assistance, and Cummings said this is a critical component of the emergency help community ministries provide, which also may include assistance with rent, medicine and food. People who receive funds have a face-to-face interview to ensure eligibility, and they often receive short-term counseling.

For 2018, the foundation has pledged $225,000 to community ministries in Jefferson County as well as additional funds for Bullitt and Oldham County agencies.

“We appreciate the increase from the foundation in 2018,” Cummings said. “We can now help additional people,” which is especially important, he noted, because “life is not getting any cheaper—bills are going higher.”

Louisville Water customer service representatives maintain lists of community ministry contacts to share with customers, who can receive assistance one time a year with foundation funds for their water/sewer bill.