Pure savings with pure tap®

There are lots of reasons why countless Louisvillians prefer Louisville pure tap® to bottled water. For one, it’s among the safest and cleanest in the nation, undergoing more than 220 daily tests to ensure the product that reaches your home is the best possible for you and your family.

Plus, it tastes great! In fact, the American Water Works Association named Louisville pure tap® as the “Best-tasting tap water in America” in 2008 and the People’s Choice for “Best Tasting Water” in 2013. And college students living in other cities often tweet about how much they miss pure tap.

But one thing you may not realize is what a significant cost saver pure tap can be. Bottled water is the top selling beverage in the United States, comprising nearly 25 percent of the beverage market. Yet bottled water is nearly 2,000 times more expensive than tap water!

Take a look at this comparison, for a person drinking 80 ounces of water every day. Over the course of the year, they’ll drink about 228 gallons of water. Now compare the cost per gallon:

Louisville pure tap®

≈$0.00361/gallon x 228 gallons

=$0.82 per year

Average cost of bottled water*

≈$7.53/gallon x 228 gallons

=$1,721.86 per year

*According to the International Bottled Water Association

Keep in mind too that the national average cost for bottled water includes buying in bulk; if you’re buying individual bottles or high-end brands, these costs would be much higher. It’s easy to see how the savings can add up. In these uncertain times, an annual savings like this can make a big difference.

Of course, there will always be hold outs—those who are convinced that bottled water tastes better than tap water and are willing to pay the extra cost. But according to a 2018 report from the Food and Water Watch organization, almost 64 percent of bottled water sold today is derived from municipal tap water. That means the bottled water they’re paying good money for is most likely tap water anyway.

Under Food and Drug Administration rules, bottled water doesn’t have to state what source it comes from or what methods were used to treat it, unlike tap water, which is required by the Environmental Protection Agency to send customers an annual consumer confidence report detailing this information. When you fill up a reusable bottle with pure tap, you know exactly what you’re getting, where it came from, and how it was treated. And you’re saving money while you do it.

Ready to put some money back in your pocket, but don’t have a reusable bottle? Louisville Water customers are eligible to receive up to two complimentary pure tap bottles per year. Get yours and start saving today!