Add a refreshing twist to the holidays

This time of year brings out some of our favorite beverages – be it festive cocktails, mulled cider, or steaming hot cocoa. But don’t forget about the great-tasting water that comes straight from your faucet every day!

Louisville Pure Tap™ may not seem like a glamorous holiday beverage, but with a few simple additions you can dress up your water into a festive showstopper.

Try these combinations for a fun twist to hydrate your holiday spirit all season long.

  • Cranberry, fresh rosemary, & orange peel
  • Blood orange & pomegranate
  • Raspberry, cranberry, & mint
  • …or great creative with family and friends to try your own combinations!

Simply add the ingredients to a pitcher of Louisville Pure Tap™. Slice any fruits but leave herbs and berries whole. Refrigerate for at least two hours, up to overnight, to allow flavors to infuse into the water. If fruit/herbs appear wilted, just drain infused water into a new container and garnish with fresh ingredients.

Drinking plenty of Pure Tap, dressed up for the holidays or straight from the tap, during winter is so important. Cold air has less humidity, and dry air can lead to dehydration, dry skin, and irritation of the throat, nose, eyes, and lungs during these cold months. Drinking water can help combat these symptoms and keep your body healthy all year round.

Enjoy these delicious and healthy holiday drinks no matter the season. We advise leaving a glass for Santa too – even St. Nick needs to stay hydrated!