Don’t pay for water you didn’t use

WaterPro website imageLeaks happen, and they can waste thousands of gallons of water. All that unused water can add up fast on your bill. In fact, the average leak costs about $500 in wasted water and some customers have seen bills spike as high as $11,000!

Now, there’s a new option to protect your wallet against the unexpected costs of a leak: WaterPro Water Leak Protection PlanSM. This easy-to-use protection plan is the first of its kind for water utilities and a result of Louisville Water’s focus on customer service and strategic innovations.

Here’s how it works. For just $3 per month added to your water bill, you will be protected against up to $3,000 in excess water charges resulting from a qualifying leak. Should you have a leak, save your repair receipts, then file a claim with WaterProSM and once approved, your Louisville Water account will be credited for the excess charges for water you didn’t use.

You may see advertisements or other materials in the coming weeks with helpful information about registering for WaterPro, along with a fun cast of “characters” representing common sources of leaks – the faucet, toilet, and pipes – sharing information about leaks.

Don’t pay for water you didn’t use. Check out WaterPro today.

There are simple ways you can be proactive at home too, keeping an eye out for costly leaks. Visit our online resources at