Employee Profile: Casey Doyle, Distribution Water Quality Supervisor

employee profile Casey DoyleWorked at Louisville Water since 2014

“What we do has a direct impact to the customer. It is very fulfilling to know that a ‘job well done’ can impact a single customer or the whole city in a positive way.”

Louisville Water is focused on delivering the highest water quality to our customers year-round, not only during August which is National Water Quality Month.

Supervisor of Water Quality Casey Doyle has always had a passion for hydrology and engineering. As a previous inspector for the Kentucky Division of Water, Doyle learned the intricacies of the regulations water utilities must follow.

Casey Doyle

“I was introduced to the world of water quality compliance as it relates to drinking water, wastewater, agriculture, and industrial facilities. As water quality became more of an expertise, it led me to Louisville Water in Distribution Water Quality,” Doyle said. “I had heard that Louisville Water was an industry leader in water quality and that it was a good company to work for – so I was very excited to get that position.”

Doyle started as a Distribution Water Quality Specialist in 2014, working his way up to a supervisor role in three years. From monitoring pump station operations to visiting water storage tanks and wholesale customer meters, overseeing the treatment process, responding to water main breaks, and addressing customer complaints among a multitude of other responsibilities, the water quality team covers a wide spectrum to ensure Louisville Water delivers high-quality drinking water.

“In short, my team is responsible for monitoring, managing, and assuring water quality from the point the finished water leaves the treatment plant until it reaches every customer’s tap,” Doyle explained.

As you can imagine, the water treatment process has advanced in the nearly 10 years since Doyle joined Louisville Water.

BE Payne Pool“I was given the opportunity to lead a capital project to install online water quality analyzers at all of our tanks and wholesale master meters. Leveraging this project, we enhanced the way that we collect and view water quality data to optimize work in the field,” Doyle said. “This project also opened the door to secondary operational improvements which, collectively, have had a huge impact in improving water quality. Innovation leads to innovation.”

When Doyle isn’t working, he says you’ll most likely find him chasing around his two-year-old and four-year-old sons. He also manages to find time to squeeze in a round of golf every now and then or a date night with, in his words, his “superhero wife.”