Glass Half Full, Pure Tap Proud

The first day of a new job can feel a lot like the first day of school was for many of us when we were younger. Meeting new people, learning new things, new technology, and wondering if this job will be a good fit.

On my first day in May, I walked in with enthusiasm, excited about a new chapter in my life and career, but also a little nervous about what I was getting myself into. I rounded the corner to my new desk, greeted with colorful signs and streamers, welcoming me to Louisville Water. I couldn’t believe it. My managers made time for all of that, before dashing off to a media announcement on the Frankfort Avenue project. It was a sure sign I was in the right place.

The first few weeks were like drinking from a hose, pun intended! I learned the basic things about the job; programs, software, benefits, getting everything set up so I could do the job I was hired to do (Communications Specialist), and touring all our different locations. I met with everyone on my team to learn their specialized role in the Communications and Marketing department.

It wasn’t long before I was writing stories for our company newsletter and, crafting press releases, and pitching ideas in our weekly meetings. Then I had this crazy idea to apply for a spot on the inaugural Service Board.

Yes, I thought it might be a little ambitious to take that on given I was only a month into my job. I also thought it was a great opportunity to meet new people from different departments, give back to my company and my community, and connect with others to discover these stories that need to be shared with all of you. I was right!

I could never have imagined all of the ways that Louisville Water has impacted my life in six months. I’ve met countless people who all play a part in delivering high-quality water, spreading the message about Louisville Pure Tap®, and connecting with our customers. I’ve worked in the Pure Tap tent at various events. I’ve eagerly told many of my coworkers’ stories.

I’ve alerted the media to some of the important work we’re doing. Most recently, I was proud to coordinate an event highlighting one of our fire hydrant maintenance crews. A day later, I helped kick off a virtual company-wide donation drive that benefits our non-profit partners. For a girl who hated speech class, this was a personal victory. The reason I’ve been able to do all these things is because I have a supportive team and there are opportunities to grow at Louisville Water.

I ended my first six months with a New Employee Orientation courtesy of Learning & Development. It was a good chance to yet again, meet more new people. Some of us had a few months under our belts while others only had a few weeks. We learned the history of Louisville Water, how water makes it from the Ohio River to the faucet, why Pure Tap is the best, and we got to know our leaders on a more personal level. Some of them even joined in on a fun game of Jenga!

Regardless of where you may work, I hope you help make the next new member of your team feel as welcome as I did. My message to you is get involved. Don’t be afraid to take on new challenges. I promise, when you succeed, it will be a great feeling. If you happen to stumble, that’s okay too. You learn for the next time.

I’m proud to wear my Louisville Water swag because I’m proud to say I’m a small part of this wonderful company making a big difference. Cheers to the next six months!