Houseplants love Louisville pure tap®

Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the positive impact of live greenery in the workplace.  Having plants in the office has been shown to reduce stress, increase productivity, reduce sickness and absenteeism, and boost creativity.

They also make workspaces more attractive, and even reduce noise levels by absorbing sounds.  It’s unknown if the designers of the John L. Huber corporate headquarters had these thoughts in mind when Louisville Water moved into the space in 1997, but customers and employees alike continue to benefit from the abundant greenery.

In honor of National Houseplant Day on Jan. 10, we wanted to showcase the botanical members of our Louisville Water team, and the company that keeps them thriving.  Anything Groes is a professional plantscaping business that has been doing plant design and maintenance in the Louisville area since 1978.  They were responsible for the original selection and design of the plants at Louisville Water’s corporate office and have continued to maintain them on a weekly basis for the last 23 years.

The work is part art and part science, selecting plants that are both aesthetically pleasing and able to thrive in an office environment.  Light conditions are often the biggest deciding factor when choosing these indoor plants.  “The lobby [at the Louisville Water headquarters] is unique because it gets abundant light,” states Anything Groes Operations Manager Steve Watkins.

The plants surrounding the interior fountain, known as Rhapis palms, are a tropical variety installed for their lush appearance… and to keep guests from accidentally stepping into the water feature!  They are also a variety that needs a lot of water to thrive and won’t easily bounce back from a missed watering, according to Watkins.  It’s no wonder that even our plants are big fans of Louisville pure tap®.

If you want to enjoy the many benefits of indoor plants but don’t have a lot of light in your workstation, Watkins has a few recommendations for plants that thrive in a low-light office setting.

The Golden Pothos has a reputation for being one of the easiest houseplants to grow.  It only needs to be watered every 1-2 weeks and is specifically good at filtering toxins from the air.

The Chinese Evergreen is one of the most durable indoor plants, tolerating poor light, dry air, and drought.  It comes in many different colors, including a variegated variety.

The Dracaena is a great option for larger spaces, reaching a height of three feet.  Be careful if using in your home office, as these plants are toxic to pets if eaten.