Pumping numbers spiked this month

Summer-like temperatures had our pumps working harder. On average, Louisville Water pumps about 120 million gallons a day (MGD).

During the week of May 9, we pumped 121-135 MGD,  a sign of the change in seasons — and possibly a sign that a lot of customers were filling their swimming pools. (If you’re planning to fill your pool soon, you may be interested in renting a temporary water meter so you can use a hose connected to a fire hydrant.)

Last year, Louisville Water saw its highest average pumping numbers since 2012 in June (137 MGD), July (139 MGD), and August (146 MGD). If another especially hot summer is on the way, we could see even higher numbers soon.

Fun Fact: 146 million gallons of water would fill about 220 Olympic-sized swimming pools.