Matt Miller: Plant Maintenance Mechanic & U.S. Army Reservist

Worked at Louisville Water Since December 2017

Matt Miller wears many hats: husband, father, plant maintenance mechanic, U.S. Army Reservist, and student, to name a few.

Five years ago, Miller knew he needed to make a change from his factory job. He needed to find a place that allowed more time to be a husband, father, and Army Reservist.

An opportunity for a plant maintenance mechanic opened at Louisville Water and he took it.

“They’re a lot more accommodating here and since I don’t have to work weekends, I can do my Army Reserve drill and it doesn’t interfere with work,” said Miller.

His experience and technical skills crossed over into his new position with Louisville Water.

“We do plumbing, electrical, mechanical work, pretty much all of it here. We’re checking all of our pumps and machines and everything that runs, making sure they’re running properly. We focus heavily on preventive maintenance by monitoring and changing the oil in our equipment as well as ensuring the machinery is properly greased.”

Miller kept up with his routine Army drills and training one weekend a month plus two weeks in the summer. In February of this year, he was called up for his first deployment. Matt’s wife, a fellow Army Reservist, held down the fort at home with their four children while he headed to Kuwait for nine months as a helicopter maintenance mechanic.

Miller’s military training, mechanical experience, and precise attention to detail prepared him for the mission at hand.

“There’s little room for mistakes because if the helicopter breaks down, you can’t just pull over (laughs).”

During his tour of duty, Miller supervised a group of 20 to 30 soldiers, many of them in their early 20s.

“I got to see a lot of people learn and grow and they got a lot of experience while we were there, Miller shared.

The days were long and HOT, reaching 125 degrees often, making it feel like 140 in the hangar. Miller said they worked nights where it was “cooler” in the 90s.

“After you adapt, it wasn’t as bad, you just have to drink water constantly.” While he missed the quenching thirst of Louisville Pure Tap®, Miller’s Louisville Water family made sure he knew he wasn’t forgotten.

“The maintenance crew here organized a care package for me and sent me some comfort treats while I was gone.”

While Miller was in Kuwait, he climbed the ranks from an E5 to an E6 or Staff Sergeant. He returned home in October; to his work family at the Crescent Hill Filter Plant and his family in E-town.

“I thought I would kind of jump into things. I guess when you’re gone overseas, you kind of get used to your own routine and doing things differently and coming back home, of course, our household is very busy. My kids play football and soccer and one is in tumbling. It’s been challenging getting back used to the swing of things, so I took a little bit of time off of school.”

Yes, he said school. Miller is working on getting his online Bachelor’s degree in Technical Management at Southern New Hampshire University.

Juggling all of that doesn’t leave much free time, but Miller isn’t complaining.

“It is a great job. I love doing what I do here. I think one of the biggest things is the people that I work with. I really enjoy the team of guys we got. Our leadership, our management, all that. It’s the best place I’ve worked,” Miller said.

Louisville Water Cross Connection Specialist Tim Meyer is just as glad to have Miller on the team.

“He’s a super great guy and Louisville Water is very lucky to have him.”